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Ellis, Mr. Personality

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Annie, my fearless protector


As an only child living on a farm/ranch in western Kansas, my constant companions were dogs, cats, horses, and various feral animals. They were my tribe and I was always most happy when I was with them.

I came to realize that animals are far more emotionally and spiritually evolved than humans. Animals are here to serve, to guide us on our way, showing us how to bring our better selves to life. Conversations with them can be straightforward; to use an old cliche, "they tell it like it is." As sentient beings, they have personalities, and animals can be playful and mischievous, happy or sad, just like us! 

Animals need a human voice to get their message across to those who haven't dialed up their intuitive gifts. I am here to be a voice for animals. I communicate telepathically to relay their message to you.

Communication sessions are illuminating, so be prepared to hear challenging information that your animal wants you to know. They want to create a healthy, fulfilling relationship with you. Animals are full of love, the unconditional kind, and unless the animal is being neglected or abused, the messages are heartwarming and helpful.

My hope is that animals will live in a world where they are respected as sentient beings.
I look forward to working with you and your fur family!


My mission is to be of service to animals and their human partners to assist them in living a peaceful, mutually beneficial life together.