Animals in Spirit

The blessings and joy animals bring us is countered, sadly, by the brief time we get to spend with them. One of the hardest things about being a pet owner, for me, has been saying goodbye at the end of life.

session with your beloved pet after they pass can bring great peace of mind. I have even helped people with end-of-life conversations with their pet.

These sessions can be up to an hour long, and we can talk to up to three pets that have passed. $200

As our family prepared to say goodbye to our young rescue, Boo, Kristine helped us through the process of letting go.

Treatment for a blood disorder had not achieved satisfactory results and we were heartbroken. Kristine conveyed Boo's thoughts, letting us know that Boo was at peace, comfortable, and okay with leaving, telling Kristine, "it will just be my form."

Kristine suggested that we make sure our German Shepard, Cooper, was able to say goodbye to Boo in person.The calmness that Cooper brought to Boo and our family was remarkable. After Boo passed, Kristine continued to communicate with Boo. Boo told Kristine that she was comforting our daughter, who was having an especially difficult time letting go. Thank you so much Kristine, we are so grateful for your insights!  Amy V., Castle Rock, CO.