How I Work

 I visit with your dog, cat, horse, etc., telepathically. The communication is received through words, images and symbolism. I then verbalize your animal’s response and explain any deeper meanings.  These sessions will provide keen insight into your pet's situation. My goal is to provide an opportunity to arrive at deep transformational change for you and your pet.

What to expect from your session:

  • Direct questions

  • Useful information for your veterinarian

  • Assistance with dietary needs or wellness

  • A deeper understanding of your animals

  • Comfort during difficult times

I also incorporate Tarot into my readings. I have found that it provides an exclusive view of the big picture for the owner. So not only are you hearing directly from your pet, you will also receive messages from your guides about your situation. It can be incredibly illuminating.

Sessions are available by telephone, Zoom, in person, and are conducted in a conversational manner. Your animals do not have to be near because I am tuning in telepathically, not talking into their ears. Write any questions you wish to explore with your animals so you are prepared when the session starts. There is no need to send the questions ahead
of time.

At the time of your session, find a place where you can be calm and focused and there are no distractions. Do not multi-task during our session. Your animal is present and you should be too!