Where Art Thou Lost Pet?

It must be the season to look for lost pets. Last week I searched for four missing cats, all belonging to different humans. Of the four, all were alive when I spoke to them, and the next day one of the cats was found by its owner, and it was deceased.

Which brings me to the point of this post, what determines success in finding a lost pet? I know a lot of communicators will not look for lost animals as it can be very difficult, and I can attest that is a true statement. Most animals are truly lost, hungry, and ready to return home. Those typically present no trouble. Some animals have left, either to go on a "walk about," or they have dissatisfaction with their living situation and want to find a better home life. I have had pets tell me, "I don't wish to be found, I have taken up residence elsewhere and I like it here." One recent cat, Coco, was on a holiday and said would return home when she was good and ready. She would not give me clear directions where to find her, and when I checked in with her a week later she was quite annoyed with me, saying, "I'll let you know when I am ready to return home." OK, Coco, you are the boss!

Ultimately, your pet is the real client. While you have contracted with me to find your animal, it is them whom I am speaking for. Talking with them is a success, and while I will not guarantee a safe return, I will tell you everything they tell me. I can impress upon the animal how upset and sad you are at their disappearance, but I cannot force them to return. Often, just knowing they are alive is the most comfort.

Many owners do everything in their power to find their lost animals. And that too is a success, even though no animal has turned up, yet.Yet is the operative word here. Sometimes we have to let go of our desired outcome and trust that our animal will return. That's really hard to do, but sometimes it's the only thing we can do. I once had a cat disappear for a year! Upon his return he had fur missing on his legs (which eventually grew back) and we never did learn what happened to him.

My thought is let's give it a try! If we never try, we'll never know what happened. If I make contact with them, we may learn the circumstances of their disappearance, we may learn of a dissatisfaction that can be repaired, or a health condition that's gone unnoticed. At the very least you can find solace in knowing you did everything you could to find them.

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