"Kristine was able to talk to my cat Ginger for quite awhile. We solved the litter box problem and I even learned that Ginger didn't like her food. After implementing the changes Ginger wanted, she is a much happier cat!" Mary M., Denver

"Mo is a big kitty who always weighed 22 lbs. At age 13 he started losing weight and was diagnosed with renal failure. I decided to contact Kristine to make sure I was doing everything I could for him in his sunset years. Kristine connected with Mo and came back with specific info, including dietary changes and some behavior changes from me. Very helpful information that clearly came from Mo. I am so thankful for Kristine and her services, I love knowing I am taking the very best care of him per HIS request." Marci, Wheat Ridge, CO.

Our kitty had been missing for over 24 hours when I posted on a FB page for missing pets. Kristine reached out and texted me all day, giving us updates about our cat's location. When it was dark and quiet enough for us to hear her, Kristine gave us the exact location. There she was, we were ASTONISHED! And forever grateful, thank you Kristine! Neicy, Lakewood, CO

Hi Kristine, I just wanted to thank you for your communication sessions with Theo. On Saturday he beat the dog that has consistently won Best In Show and came in third place in the Herding Group! There were 14 other breeds of herding dogs in the ring, and Theo kept it together! My breeder said that it is unusual for different judges to pick a puppy as Best of Breed and 3rd in Best of Herding group, so this was a turning point for us. 

Thanks for your very helpful help. Mona, Los Angeles, CA